Fact Check Correction Policy

Given the volume of information that is exchanged in the digital world today, there’s no denying that mistakes can and do occur even after implementing a thorough due diligence process. At Asianet News Network, we have no qualms in acknowledging any slip ups that occur and not just correct ourselves, but also respond to those who bring such mistakes to light. We truly believe that every criticism or suggestion from our readers brings the best out in us.

Asianet News Network strives to ensure every fact-check report published follows the mentioned methodology to the tee before sharing it with our audience. If any mistake is brought to our notice once a fact-check report is published, the respective editorial team first ascertains the cause of the slip up as well as the reason for concern raised by our users. If further deliberation is required over the mistake, the team repeats the process of fact-checking before objecting or validating the claims. In case the respective editorial team is convinced that a correction in the initial published report is needed, the editor proceeds with the required changes. This change is indicated in the initial report published along with a clarification, correction or retraction in bold – depending on the nature of the mistake. This ensures transparency and also provides our audience with a well-documented history of changes.

Minor corrections in the form of typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical errors, etc. that are not considered noteworthy are usually not noted by editorial teams across languages.

Asianet News Network’s commitment to ensure authenticity and transparency in news stories published shall not be compromised at any cost. We have utmost faith in our editorial teams across languages and will continue to deliver news “Straight – Bold –Relentless” to our users.