About Asianet News Network

Asianet News , the numero uno Malayalam news channel, stands tall amidst the clutter of news television channels in Keralam as the most trusted source of news. It is one of the oldest television news channels in India with a strong team of experienced journalists and an extensive network of news bureaux.

Viewers tune into Asianet News for its unbiased reportage and its strong advocacy for the rights of the underprivileged and the marginalised. Equipped with the latest technology, Asianet News has been consistently been on top of TV rankings across all viewership strata. The multiple perspectives on a news story and the honest insight of the seasoned journalist has enabled viewers to form informed opinions and take informed decisions The innovative and varied nature of programming content and formats have kept a diverse, but loyal, audience forever engaged to Asianet News.

Our Core Values
Asianet News will always be:
  • Neutral and unbiased
  • Factual and cross-verifiable
  • Intelligent and fearless
  • Honest and trustworthy

As a television news channel, the journey has been a long and an arduous one. Just over 15 years old and it seems like such a long time. Memories flash past – ‘the best of times, the worst of times…’

We covered all stories that mattered, day in and day out - the sad stories and the happy ones, the in-depth investigations and the sting operations, the politics of entertainment and the entertaining politics, the sordidness of crime and the depravity of public figures, the fundamentalism of the Right and the fundamentalism of the Left and the self-righteous Middle Path, the flourishing businesses and the flourishing trade unions, the activist and the opportunist, the agony of the victim and arrogance of the perpetrator – we covered all these and more. And we will continue on the same path tirelessly, truthfully and without prejudice, upholding the torch of honest and decent journalism.

Organisation details
Schedule IV
(Refer sub-regulation (16) of the regulation 10)
Name of the broadcaster
Asianet News Network Private Limited
The Names of CEO/MD of the Broadcaster
Neeraj Kohli (Acting CEO)
Registered Office address
Asianet News Network Private Limited
2nd Floor, Jay Chambers, B’ Wing Service Road,
Vile Parle (East) Mumbai-400057, Maharashtra
Address for communication
Asianet Network Private Limited
Benshe Tower, Housing Board Junction
Trivandrum-695001 Keralam
Name of the contact person/Authorized Representative
Girish K S
Senior Manager - Legal
T: 0471-3092601, M: 99467 49365
Email: girishks@asianetnews.in
Name of channel for which request for distribution has been made Copy of permission letter issued by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for downlinking of the channels mentioned above in India:
Asianet News & Suvarna NewsCopy Enclosed
Nature of channel
Genre of channel
News and Current Affairs
Language(s) of channel
Malayalam(Asianet News) Kannada(Suvarna News)
Downlinking parameters of the Channel
Name of satellite
Orbital location
66o East
Downlinking frequency
Modulation/coding and compression
Standard of channel
Encryption of channel
(Frank P Thomas)
Director &am; Group CFO
Asianet News Network Private Limited.,
Trivandrum: 17th December, 2018

I, Frank P Thomas, S/o. Late Pettakkatt Isac Thomas (Authorised Signatory) of Asianet News Network Private Limited, do hereby declare that the details provided above are true and correct.

(Frank P Thomas)
Director &am; Group CFO
Asianet News Network Private Limited.,
Trivandrum: 17th December, 2018